Shortcodes – Media

Shortcodes – Media

50+ [highlight color=”gray”]useful[/highlight] shortcodes make editing content a snap. Select from simple HTML formatting (like highlights, dropcaps, spacings etc.) to complete content plugs (sliders, maps, tabs etc.) To make things easier, we have an advance inbuilt ‘Shortcode Generator’ so you don’t have to go around hunting for Shortcode syntax (or worse, memorizing each and every option of your favorite shortcode).




Fill in the coordinates, and you have yourself a Google Map

[simplemap width=”760″ height=”250″ lat=”51.507″ long=”0.01″ zoom=”14″]


Insert beautiful galleries using the shortcode for theme gallery or create one using the trusted WordPress’s default gallery shortcode.

WebyFrames Theme Gallery

[wf_gallery id=”297″]

WordPress Gallery


Sliders – Nivo, BX, Carousal, Revolution

Use the slider shortcode to display any of the previously created sliders. Select from Nivo – the industry leading image slider, or BX – the multipurpose HTML/image/video slider, or the impressive Revolution slider – the popular layer slider.
[slider id=”49″]
[slider id=”448″]
[slider id=”45″]
[slider id=”200″]


[frame_right][lightbox type=”image” title=”Image in a Lightbox” href=””]image-01
Image in a Lightbox[/lightbox][/frame_right]Use the nifty prettyPhoto plugin to display Images, Videos and External sites in a lightbox. You can even use an image as the lightbox trigger. Like the one on right:

[list icon=”plus”]Opens an [lightbox type=”image” title=”Image in a Lightbox” href=””]image[/lightbox] in the lightbox
You can also have a [lightbox type=”youtube” title=”Video in a Lightbox” youtube_id=”vmfC7VY5Ods”]Youtube Video[/lightbox] open in the lightbox
Or how about a [lightbox type=”vimeo” title=”Video in a Lightbox” vimeo_id=”27589090″]Vimeo Video[/lightbox]
And even a [lightbox type=”dailymotion” title=”Video in a Lightbox” dailymotion_id=”x2vzbm”]Dailymotion video[/lightbox]
Open any [lightbox type=”external” href=””]external/internal site[/lightbox] in the lightbox[/list]



Easily add videos to your post using the Video shortcode. Simply add the Video ID and let the theme automatically embed the correct code.

Vimeo Video

[vimeo video_id=”27589090″]

Youtube Video

[youtube video_id=”vmfC7VY5Ods”]

Dailymotion Video

[dailymotion video_id=”x2vzbm”]

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