Finca La Azul

Finca La Azul

Our history

Our history

Finca La Azul lays in the declined soil that Cordón del Plata generates, facing East to the Corredor Productivo Route (RNXX, at 1000 meters above sea level) and West to the Wine Ways route (RN89, at 1300 meters above sea level). The Las Tunas brook, that pass meters by the Finca, irrigates within its channel all the zone, while gently goes down, turbid, following the same decline. If in 1991 this Finca was just a handful of vines, and now Shirley has accomplished her dream: to keep planting till cover all the surface of the land, up to the Wine Ways, which was, at that time, just a dirty ground street. To the first grapes of Bonarda and Pedro Jiménez varieties, we added a diversity of white and red varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot, Pinot Noire, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

Being this land out living, we have decided to diversify the plantation, and we added also some hectares for planting peach (Elegant Lady, O’Henry, Rich Lady, Zee Lady), peach for industry proposes (Caron, Bowen, Loadel, Pavia Catherina, Hesse, Rizzi) and plumb (Linda Rosa, Friar), and also quinces. This lasts are just a few and works like a wind stopper for the rest of the plants, that’s for his dense foliage, and they are due to elaboration of homemade marmalades.


As farm technologies advanced, the architecture of the Finca has been changing also: three boreholes help to keep the irrigation of the soil (supported with the water of Las Tunas brook): While this last water resource contributes natural nutrients of the earth, by mechanized irrigation we can control de health of each plant. In vines, it is used the drip irrigation, and in fruit plants, the spray irrigation. 

Most of the Finca, also, is covered with anti-hail mesh, that protects the plants from HEIL, using in the vines the grembiule method, and in fruit plants the chapel method. Far away from this techniques, it is very important for us to RESALT the aspect that makes us more happy in working the soil we has been gift: giving work to dozens of families (since 14 families stables with jobs along the year, to more than 150 employees during the harvest): work at the field, with the rough sun, that yes, is complex and arduous, bat that also is part of that antique trade that is gardening, the caring of vegetal species.


Spring/Summer: September to March

At spring, the first shoots start to grow, and the hope of a year full of flowers and fruits grows with them. The peach plants are full of a boisterous pink in their flowers; the vineyards, shyly, starts to show their leaves of an intense green. With the sun that stimulates them, the storms that threaten and the wise existence of the moon, that happen what happen here, is still rounding his own orbit.

The works we do at spring are: uprooting, defoliation, healthcare controls, weeds and plagues controls and soil management.
At December we start the harvest of peaches and plums, full of textures, colors and sweat aromas, and our responsibility to deliver to the market an awesome product: natural, healthy, and, of course, very tasty.


Autumn/Winter: March to September

March, holy March!
The grapes, matures; his colors and aromas delight our days. It’s time to start the harvest time, or, as we say, the Vendimia: days of lot of work, days of people walking through the gaps, days of bins full of grapes, Vendimia days of hope. At autumn we start giving some holydays: in May, vineyards and fruit plants rest, waiting patiently for a new circle of life.
In June we prune. By this technique, we can manage the quality and quantity of the fruit that we will need for the year. Then the pruning is followed by the tied and the maintaining tasks for the soil. This is the time to fertilize the soil, to give him back all that he gave us.

It is an honor for us to start this new cycle that represents Finca La Azul, our guest house, an intimate space in the heart of the Finca, among vineyards and fruit trees next to our own house, destined simply to the enjoyment of our visitors. Shirley, who lives and works the Finca, will be waiting to welcome you in these comfortable rooms, to talk about wine, to enjoy the scenery, or simply to offer you our house.
Tomás Augusto Fadel Hinojosa